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Family Drinks Personalised Chopping Board

£25.00 GBP

A personalised chopping board that illustrates each family member as their favourite drink. A brilliant Christmas gift, this personalised homeware item is sure to be loved by all!

Celebrate family life with this charming personalised glass chopping board. The personalised family gift cleverly uses illustrated drinks characters to represent family members, reminding us that those who drink together, stay together!

This personalised chopping board would make a great Christmas gift for your family, or indeed any group of people. We will write whatever title you wish at the top so why not celebrate a group of friends or colleagues instead?

The unique glass chopping board would make an ideal addition to any home and is sure to be a talking point. Why not treat yourself and celebrate your family members in a fun and quirky way! Please see the 'how to order' section for more details.


Design © Of Life & Lemons Ltd.

Made from tempered glass to withstand high temperatures.

Dimensions: H20 x W28cm


Write the family name or the title you wish for the chopping board and choose the drinks that best represent each person from the selection on offer. Then for each person, write the corresponding name and whether they are male or female in the boxes.

The drinks are split into different types such as beer/wine etc, please take a look at all of the drinks on offer and write your choices as they are written so as to avoid any confusion.

If you have more than 6 drinks please write the rest of the details  in the last box in the following format - 7. Bombay Sapphire - Anna,  Female 8. Cider - Toby, Male etc.

If only 2/3 characters are required we will see whether they best suit a landscape or portrait format and will design accordingly. Likewise, if there are a lot of members, we may decide to put them over two lines - please see photos for examples of how both of these options look. Please get in touch when ordering if you require a specific format.